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President, Founder, Management Consultant, FORREST CONSULTING

Management consulting firm located in Glen Ellyn, IL, USA. Serves for-profit and non-profit organizations seeking growth, higher value and greater impact.

Senior executive and organization builder. Strategic planning and marketing professional. Management consultant. Excellent communicator and proven resource developer. A leader who empowers staff and fosters teamwork. Develops strong commitment within and outside the organization. Extensive for-profit and non-profit experience.


• Strategic Planning: Highly effective at evaluating market opportunities and developing strategic and marketing plans that align organizational priorities with growth and revenue expectations and operational objectives. Trained strategic planner and facilitator. Earned Strategic Management Professional (SMP) certification from the Association for Strategic Planning.

• Organizational Leadership: Passionate leader with exceptional track record of recruiting high-performing employees and developing teams that think creatively, move quickly and drive growth. Have succeeded in entrepreneurial, small business, corporate and association leadership roles.

• Customer acquisition and relationship building: Extensive background in customer targeting, marketing, branding, communications, relationship building and consultative selling. Focused on developing integrated marketing and communication strategies that maximize impact. Great writer, speaker and presenter. Adept in social media and social media marketing. Strong networker. Skilled at achieving buy-in of top-level decision-makers.

• Business Insight: Excels at managing P&L, generating income, assessing risk/reward, finding solutions, implementing plans. Experienced board leader and member.


family, travel, gardening, wine, running, triathlon, marathon, cooking, reading, writing, biking, swimming, good food, ironman, italy especially florence