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October 22, 2011


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david k waltz


That is a great insight that company's need to execute "change management" types of activities as well.

Your comments about how they could have done so reminds me of objectives cited with on-line branding activities. If only you had "liked" their store in facebook!

david k waltz


Sorry, first sentence should have read:

That is a great insight that company's need to execute "change management" types of activities with customers as well.

Lee Crumbaugh

David, thanks for the endorsement of the "change management with customers" idea.

The onus is on the company, not the customer, right? I may or may not have been transferable to another store or to the website or to email purchasing or whatever, but not trying to keep me is their loss. Relying on me to have previously "liked" the company on Facebook is unrealistic, I think.

david k waltz


I blogged about this on Technorati if you are interested


receivable software

I also don't get it when some companies shut down when they have been offering great products and services. It's like easily giving up on their hard earned trust and loyalty after years of operation and then all their loyal consumers just have no choice but to turn to competitors but still think nothing beats the best.

Lee Crumbaugh

Great observation, receivable software. In thinking about your post, I'd say that it's not "the best or nothing." Value is analog, not digital, not all or nothing. Customers want choice and not everyone values the leader as the leader or wants to do business with the leader, for many reasons. Being really good but not #1 can still be a successful position...and be a platform for becoming #1 as the marketplace and customers evolve.

restaurant system

In a business, customers are always the top priority because through them you earn and have funds. You always take good care of customers and in return they will take care of you also...

Lee Crumbaugh

Restaurant System, so true! But obviously customers sometimes get lost or ignored in strategic moves and change management processes. I suspect much of the time the focus is on the process, cost or whatever else rather than on the end customer. If you ask me, I'd say that a senior marketer ought to be involved as a key member of any team whose activities affect customer-facing operations and functions to be sure that good customers are not abandoned and instead are retained in the new situation.


You gotta be kidding me?! So helpful


I haven't approached this subject like that before. I will look at it differently in the future. Thanks =)

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